Delivery & Installation

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit your requirements. The following charges apply to deliveries made by ourselves within 30 miles of our store.

We deliver Free of Charge any item over £125 within 20 miles of our showroom.

A nominal fee from £30.00 is charged per visit for the installation of all items other than built-in appliances, gas and electric ovens. (separate charges apply). This includes, assembly of any stands or cabinets, connection of any existing equipment ,including Sky or cable boxes, connection of Smart TV to the internet where possible, disposal of old equipment and packaging, and instruction on use of your new equipment.

The charge for wall mounting a TV is from £75.00, depending on size. This service is only available when the equipment is purchased from us; we do not wall mount equipment that we did not supply.

Unlike most of our competitors there is:

No extra charge for next day delivery.

No nominated days for delivery to particular areas.

No extra charge for AM or PM slots, we can mostly deliver within a 2 hour time slot.

No extra charge for Saturday delivery.

No extra charge for disposal of old equipment or packaging.

 Call our service department on 0121 427 2850


We think it's important to preserve and protect the environment. One way we can help to do this is by recycling your old and used electrical products and batteries.

 why should we recycle?

- To save resources - Many components in electrical appliances can be recycled and used in new parts and products.

- To protect the environment - disused electrical goods are frequently dumped on landfill sites and leak harmful chemicals into the ground and water supply, putting animal, plant and human health at risk.

- We are obliged to recycle - we follow the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and provide you with free advice and guidance on how to recycle your old electrical appliances.

How do we help you?

We provide you with two options to help you recycle your used electrical products. We can collect them from your home when we deliver/install your new product or you can bring them to us.

Other recycling information.

New appliances - Any appliance with a crossed out wheelie bin logo should not be disposed of in a bin.

Disposing of old appliances - Whichever way you choose to recycle your electrical product, please make sure of the following:

- The product is dry and empty
- Gas cookers have been disconnected by a qualified Corgi engineer
- Electric cookers have been disconnected by a qualified electrician
- Fridges and freezers are completely defrosted