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Liebherr GN1066 No Frost Undercounter Freezer - 2 Year Warranty



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Liebherr has specialised in developing and manufacturing first class refrigerators and freezers of premium quality and cutting edge design for nearly 60 years.

Innovative ideas are constantly added to the products for enhancing freshness, improving ease-of-use and saving even more energy to raise customer product value.

The GN 1066 is a Premium  A+ Energy Rated No Frost Freezer


NoFrost system

Through the use of modern technologies of professional cooling equipment with Liebherr NoFrost system ensures long-term storage of frozen food. Freezing is carried out by circulating chilled air and discharge of excess moisture. As a result, ice is formed, and the frozen food is not covered with a layer of frost in the freezer. With NoFrost system you will forget about the need to defrost the freezer.

Automatic SuperFrost

Automatic SuperFrost makes freezing mode in a simple and energy-saving process. The temperature in the freezer quickly drops to -32 ° C, thus forming a "cold reserve" needed to freeze products in the maximum preservation of vitamins. After the freezing process is completed, a maximum of 65 hours, the freezer returns to normal with economical power consumption.

Signal Sensor open door

For better preservation of foods alarm sensor triggers the door open after 60 seconds.

function FrostControl

FrostControl display informs about power outages, leading to an increase in the temperature in the freezer. This helps to assess the quality and further shelf life of frozen products.

the parental function

children protection function prevents accidental disconnection of the device. If Child Lock is enabled, the corresponding symbol is displayed MagicEye.

Containers FrostSafe

Sliding containers FrostSafe differ especially high performance and closed construction. This container lasts longer cold when the door is opened. The transparent front panel of the container provides optimum visibility stored therein frozen products.

Dimensions (H / W / D) 85.1 / 60.2 / 62.8 cm


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